Our Story

Excellence is our standard

Ambition, intelligence and the continuous desire to be the best. A combination of these three things has stimulated Brindusa Gritu, lawyer and owner of Essential Aesthetics, to build an anti-aging Dutch clinic with international allure. Her motto:

"Good enough, is not acceptable. Excellence is my norm."

As a foreigner, Brindusa had to work hard to make her dream come true. And fight harder to be accepted and to be taken seriously. Now, she owes her success to perseverance.

The clinic - innovation in anti-aging treatments

Progress is only possible when you dare to go off the beaten track. Brindusa has resisted prejudice and the taboos surrounding cosmetic plastic surgery and anti-aging for years. Her dream: a clinic that excels in quality and in giving personal attention. A clinic that makes use of the available international expertise and reinforces everyone's personal beauty in a respectful way. Where every team member listens to you as an individual and where respect for your wishes and your own natural beauty comes first. A beauty oasis that stimulates women to become more confident and powerful. The result? Essential Aesthetics. The place where you design your dream and we define your beauty.

The story of our logo: the difference is in the details

Cosmetic plastic surgery is all about details. The way of stitching, placing the incisions or removing fat cells - the difference lies in the finesse and artistic talents of our specialists. This is also reflected in our logo.

The compass; because we are careful, focused on details.

The circle with dots, because we believe that the search for the best quality never ends.

Gold, because we believe we provide the best in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery.

International shared knowledge

At Essential Aesthetics you will be helped in a safe, reliable way by international doctors who have been trained for years to perform the most innovative treatments. Brindusa: 'It has been a struggle to get those doctors here because of the many Dutch rules and complex legislation. But it has succeeded. I am proud that we work with internationally recognised plastic surgeons, who always operate in the Netherlands together with a BIG-registered surgeon. This automatically ensures the sharing of knowledge and experience in a controlled safe way'.

Our specialists have a heart for people

Essential Aesthetics is selective in its choice of specialists. One of the qualities we look at is 'heart for people'. The specialists at Essential Aesthetics have the ability to 'see' our patients and put their wishes first. Our team is committed to people. In addition to working for Essential Aesthetics, a number of specialists regularly volunteer. One of our surgeons helps children suffering of various mutilations with free reconstructive plastic surgery. Another doctor regularly works for refugees.

Invest in yourself, invest in others

Living in the fast paced environment of the modern age we sometimes forget to invest in ourselves. At Essential Aesthetics, we believe that investing in yourself makes you stronger. Harmony and balance between body and mind is precious and it will radiate further from you. Being in your skin also has a literal meaning.

Respect for your own natural beauty

Ageing is part of life. We are not trying to stop the natural ageing process, but to slow it down. Now is the time for us women to be more independent and freer than ever to make our own choices in this area too. Rejuvenation is not an obligation, but if you want, know it can be done. Even for people on a smaller budget. Scientists all over the world are working to stop the ageing process and they are making a lot of progress. Essential Aesthetics is happy to give advice and guidance on slowing down the ageing process. Brindusa: "A good care and nutrition routine works preventively and I have noticed that there's not enough knowledge about the resulted multitude of positive effects." 

The future

Essential Aesthetics wants to take this field further and change it for the better. There are still many outdated ideas about cosmetic surgery or about injectables and anti-aging.
Essential Aesthetics only works with the best and most innovative products and is happy to share its knowledge about them.
Our vision: Essential Aesthetics as the coaching partner for everyone who wants to bring out the best and most beautiful of themselves in a responsible way.
Essential Aesthetics stimulates and strengthens and thus contributes to the well-being of today's individuals. Body and mind are one. If you don't feel good mentally, you usually see it. It works the other way around. If you feel good in your skin and feel strong, you can handle the whole world and it radiates out. Staying vital and young is both a mental and a physical process. And we can help with the physical process. From the right nutrition to the handy advice for a lifestyle that positively impacts your appearance.

Beautiful aging done in a conscious, elegant way
along with Essential Aesthetics

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