Dr. Luca Piombino

For international innovative techniques you don't have to go abroad anymore: with his international experience and expertise, our expert Dr. Piombino has already helped many patients of Essential Aesthetics to achieve personal aesthetic goals in the Netherlands. Mommy make overs, body contouring, even Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) are now performed in the Netherlands thanks to Dr. Piombino.

Dr. Piombino is a plastic surgeon trained and registered in Italy. He has built up international experience in plastic surgical treatments by working with renowned clinics abroad. He has been trained in South America, among other countries, and is happy to explain the difference between Dutch standard procedures and the procedures he can perform. Dr. Piombino divides his time between a number of clinics that propagate his vision, one of which is Essential Aesthetics. Dr. Piombino always works under the supervision of a BIG-registered Plastic Surgeon in the Netherlands. This way he does not have to live in the Netherlands and he can still share his international expertise in a safe and high quality way.

         Helping people to see in the mirror what they want to see is very grateful work. i see people grow in confidence. i believe that listning to their wishes and explaining what is possible in their case is one of the most important steps. everybody is unique. there is not one standard procedure. i sculpt and design every procedure to match their uniqueness.

Dr. Piombino specializes in liposuction, lipofilling, tummy tuck, buttock enlargements and mommy makeovers.
As one of the few, Dr. Piombino is able to lift lipofilling and liposuction to a higher level. He even goes a step further by using his innate sense of aesthetic beauty for liposculpting. A technique he learned in South America. Bigger buttocks with your own fat? More beautiful body contours? Dr. Piombino is happy to advise you. 

Dr. Piombino is a respected member of the following industry associations:
  • The International Society for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, ISAPS
  • The American Society for Laser Medicine
  • The American Society Plastic surgery Research Council
  • The Society Italiana di Chirurgia Plastics
  • The American Society Plastic Surgery Research Council
  • Società Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica

He keeps his knowledge and skills up to date by regularly attending training courses and refresher courses abroad with fellow surgeons and renowned clinics.

In his spare time Dr. Piombino travels the world to work for other clinics. He also works as a volunteer and gladly puts his expertise at the disposal of children in need of reconstructive surgery.

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