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What is Labiaplasty?

This procedure is often done because you want to look more beautiful in your intimate area or because you just have pain or even pain.

In addition to cosmetic reasons for this surgery, there may be many practical benefits to a correction of the vomiting. For example, when the inner lips (labia minora) are too large, this leads to discomfort and even pain in, for example, freedom, cycling, sports or wearing tight clothes. Here you can easily do something by means of A shame reduction (labia reduction). This results in a better relationship between the inner and outer shoulder lips.

You may also find that your outer shoulder lips (labia majora) appear too thin, too thin or too small, and just want fuller shame lips. This is when you grow older or lose weight. Also, cosmetic treatment can provide a solution. Make it fuller or your skin lips can be done with body fat or a filler.


Labia reduction:

When the inner vaginal lips are too large to the outside, this can cause pain during sex, sports, cycling or wearing tight clothes. A labia reduction can then provide an effective result, as this surgery is increasingly performed for cosmetic and psychosocial reasons on women who find that their vaginal lips are too big.


The consultation
During the consultation you can share your concerns, wishes and questions with your plastic surgeon. You will also discuss your expectations about the results of the surgery. The surgeon will give you an explanation of the procedure, recovery and risks and the final result. The intended result and the new size of the inner vaginal lips are determined with you. Due to the biological function ofintimate area, the final result cannot be reduced too much.

In addition, the following topics and research are discussed during the consultation: Your current health, medical history, drug use, allergies and previous operations.


The treatment
Reducing the inner lips (labia minora) is also called labia reduction. This procedure may occur with local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. The procedure takes about one hour. Because there are several ways to reduce the inner lips, the surgeon will decide with you which method is best for your particular situation. In each method, skin is removed from the inner lips. Soluble sutures are placed. These sutures will dissolve over time and therefore there is no need to be removed manually.


After treatment
To prevent swelling, it is advisable to cool the treated area. In addition, it is important to keep the wound well clean. This should be flushed several times a day with, for example, the soft shower head jet. After wetting the wound you can use some vaseline or other greasy cream. The scars will become less visible over time. It is strongly recommended to rest for a week, avoid sports, biking or having sex for the next 6 weeks.


Risks and complications:

  • Bleeding after the surgery
  • Deterioration of the suture through the swelling.
  • Sensitive or pulling scar.
  • Wound infections.


The result
After 6 months to one year the scars will almost disappeared. Statistically, most women do not obtain a 100% symmetrical result, therefore full symmetry can not be guaranteed. But as said, the results are usually very satisfactory. Most women are therefore very pleased with the final result.



  • Labia minora correction € 1.700,- (local anaesthesia)
  • Labia majora correction € 1.700,- (local anaesthesia)
  • Clitorishood surgery € 500,- (local anaesthesia)