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Special Breast lift without an anchor scar.

With a breast lift we turn the bell back a bit. Getting older as well as weight loss, pregnancy or just genetic engineering can make your breasts sluggish or hang up and lose their shape. Also, the nipples may point down or be uneven or the breasts may be of a different size. A breast lift can then provide a solution. A breast lift is something different than breast enlargement or breast reduction. This surgery can be combined with breast enlargement or reduction.

At Essential Aesthetics, surgeons have the unique opportunity (the only clinic in the Netherlands) to lift the breasts from within, using a spectacular technique with only a slight incision. Ask if you come to consult with us!

Donut method: This method makes slices around the nipple. This is then raised and reattached. This method can be very effective when the breasts are not yet very close.

Vertical mastopexie: The surgeon makes a slice around the nipple and 2 slopes downwards. There is no cuts in the breast fold. There will be a scar in the form of an i.

Breast lift with implants: In order to achieve more volume, breast prostheses may also be placed during surgery. These can be placed in the body via the cut already made in the breast fold.


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The consultation

During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will decide with you what is the best solution for you. He will discuss with you what the possibilities are and what your wishes are. He will then advise you whether a breast lift is your best option. He will also look at what results best fits your bodybuilding. A breast lift is often a good approach to uneven or hanging breasts or when the nipples point down or are at uneven height. During the consultation, your health situation, medical history and your expectations for the final outcome will be discussed. The doctor will examine your breasts and discuss with you what will be the most feasible result.


The treatment

The breast lift is performed under general anesthesia. Usually, some incisions are made around the nipple. If necessary, the nipple becomes smaller, raised and reattached to the chest. The skin of the breast is also reduced and re-attached. This allows the breast to be lifted and can be brought into the desired shape.
In the classic method, a suture will also be placed in the chest's pleat. This results in an so-called ankle-shaped scar.


After treatment

After a breast surgery (first 6 weeks) you will first walk with a rest and afterwards have a sport bra and have a rest. Usually you can go home the same day, but sometimes you may need to stay in the hospital for a night. Someone will have to bring you home after surgery. It's also nice when someone takes care of you for the first days after surgery.
For the worst pain after anesthesia you can swallow paracetamol. The breasts may be swollen after surgery, as well as bruising. The scars will become less visible over time.

After about 14 days, you can resume your work. Furthermore, you can not play sports, swimming and heavy racing for a number of weeks.

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Complications that may occur are:

  • Infection.
  • Poor cure of the wound.
  • Bleeding.
  • Insensitivity or hypersensitivity of the breasts and / or nipples.
  • Allergic reaction.
  • Thrombosis


After about 6 months, the final result is visible. Most women are very satisfied with the result.


Prices starting from:

  • Breast enlargement with round BRST implants : € 3.499,-
  • Breast enlargement BRST (round) + (STAN)lift : € 4.999,-
  • Breast enlargement with anatomic implants : € 3.999,-
  • Breast enlargement with anatomic Mentor implants + Stanlift : € 5.500,-


Additional prices:

post operative bra € 40,-