Detoxing for radiant skin!

Brindusa Gritu will tell you more about her beauty secrets. This time: detoxes for radiant skin!

As the owner of a clinic in cosmetic surgery and anti-aging, it is to be expected that Brindusa attaches great importance to a radiant appearance. The question is how she, as a busy businesswoman, manages to always look radiant and well-groomed.

"It's part of my lifestyle to keep up with the latest anti-aging science. My beauty routine is more than that. It's a way of life based on scientific research. I try to keep my inner health in balance with my outer care and live as healthy as possible by getting enough sleep, healthy food and enough exercise. I can tell a lot about this, so keep an eye on the blog pages to find out more about my beauty routine. This time I'd like to tell you more about one of my best beauty secrets: my annual detox."

Tip 1: Detoxify your body with an annual detox

"Once a year I follow a 10-day detox program with "FittergyThis program is based on healthy, natural and plant-based nutrition, which I combine with sufficient exercise and carefully selected dietary supplements. The purification of the body is done step by step with this program, so that any problems with digestion, headaches and extreme fatigue are prevented.

Why detox?

Especially in our busy, modern lives, it is sometimes difficult to stay healthy and get all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients we need through our daily diet. An annual detox is necessary because our body stores a large amount of waste and toxins in our blood and fat cells, with all its consequences. These substances disrupt many of our normal body processes and often lead to vague complaints. They will probably look familiar to you:

  • Weight gain (despite low calorie intake)
  • Feeling bloated
  • Problems with the bowel movement
  • Moisture retention
  • Less energy or
  • (Extreme) fatigue

"I too occasionally suffer from some of these symptoms. And I'm not the only one. In our Western world, these symptoms are so common that we find them almost normal. We are exposed to large amounts of toxic and unnatural substances on a daily basis. Think of the traffic in the city, or the unwanted added nutrients in our food. Besides, we often have little incentive to live healthier lives. We know we have to, but we're all too busy. From my own experience, I can recommend everyone to take some time for yourself and your body once a year and do a detox. After just a few days, you notice a big difference. I feel much more energetic, I have lost those few kilos that have lain around and last but not least, you notice the difference because your skin is healthier and radiant. And you can see that!"

"At the clinic I get a lot of compliments about my skin. Everybody wants to know what my secret is. As the owner of an anti-aging clinic I have the luxury of having access to the best anti-aging products. Next time I'll tell you more about one of my other beauty secrets for beautiful skin: Redensity 1, the best skin booster there is. Keep an eye on the upcoming newsletters and read more about when you use this skin booster and what results you can expect"!

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