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At Essential Aesthetics we believe that the best investment you can make in life, is in your own body. From the solutions we offer, to the products we use and to the care we give we will help you define your essentials and design your esthetics. You have taken excellent care of your skin throughout the years, but if you are over 40 you may have already noticed fine and coarse wrinkles, mid-face decent, looseness of the lower face/neck, and loss of jawline definition and you want to do something about it. The doctors and professional staff at the Essential Aesthetics invite you to schedule your consultation today. We will advise you in choosing the most efficient intervention which is right for you.. 


One of the most popular interventions is a facelift which is a procedure carried out to enhance and rejuvenate the appearance of the face with the aim of creating a fresher, smoother, more rested, youthful appearance of the face, and to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence. The most popular procedure for impressive anti-aging results is the Full Face and Neck Lift, which depending on the technique used, can be described as a SMAS Lift, or a variation of the MACS Lift techniques. All of these procedures can fall within this the Full Face and Neck Lift category.

facelift neck lift

The procedure is primarily related to tightening the jawline and to some extent the upper part of the neck. It has little or no effect on the middle third of the face and the area around the mouth. Also, the areas around the eyes and forehead are not affected- if rejuvenation in these areas is what you’re looking for, they would require other procedures like wrinkle filler injections . Perhaps a facelift could be better referred to as a lower face and neck lift (in most cases) rather than a face lift which implies that it rejuvenates the entire face. This surgery involves extensive dissection of the skin tissues, and lifting, or undermining of the skin around the face as well as the neck. The longevity is variously described as between 5-10 years, however, it is important to remember that there are multiple factors which determine how long the effect of a facelift will last. The first area to show recurrent skin laxity and folds is the area under the chin, which can start to loosen (with skin folds reappearing) within a year of the procedure taking place.


With Essential Aesthetics you benefit tremendously from a unique technique practiced by our international doctors which focus on the minimally invasive area, especially in the mid-face and jawline region. Due to our attested high quality products, we guarantee a long lasting outcome.

Our research team is continuously analyzing the highest quality products. Together with our doctors and anti-aging professionals we only choose top-of-the-line products from selected brands, to be able to offer you the high-end quality and treatments you require and deserve. Therefore, we pride ourselves in lifelong learning when it comes to the latest innovations in science and technology, in order to remain leaders in our sphere of practice.


Moreover, we trust that our talented specialists in the field of anti-aging and aesthetic surgery can offer the feeling of safety and that every patient’s needs and desires are completely understood. You can book a free appointment for an intake consultation with one of our physicians or surgeons to find out what they can do for you. Our practice is easily accessible since it is located in the center of The Hague. Please see our Contact Section for further information.

We are very proud of the fact that we achieved a 100% satisfaction guarantee amongst our clients that underwent surgery. Furthermore our knowledge on the latest international anti-aging treatments is constantly updated because all of our medical staff has the opportunity of participating to several important international training sessions throughout the year.


Length of the treatment = 2-6 hours



Full -FACELIFT starting from   € 5.500,-  


Additional prices:

post operative bandage € 80,-

general anesthesia  € 1500,-

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Call our emergency line 085-2734793 if you experience:

  • Fever that climbs over 38.5 degrees celsius
  • Excessive swelling or bleeding.