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At Essential Aesthetics we believe that beauty shines from inside out. Nowadays women successfully balance careers, motherhood and busy lifestyles. Consequently this comes with the price of major exposure to stressful factors which on a long run can leave its marks on the skin. Yet, we would like to remind you that taking care of yourself is just as important. When trying to prevent the aging process certain procedures can help, for example, by appealing to minor facelift procedures which generally involve shorter scars and a minimal amount of skin undermining (separating the skin and the tissues underneath it) in front of the ear. This achieves a subtle lift of the jawline and in some cases, a subtle change in the upper neck as well. 

MINI face-lift / S-lift :

This procedure is commonly carried out under a local anesthesia and entails lower risks than the other more complex procedures. The effects of this procedure will usually last a few years (most often around 3 years). However, you should remember that the aging process of the face will continue and the longevity of the results depend to some extent on the quality of the tissues and the technique used to lift and hold the tissue into its new position. For this issue we offer several procedures in anti-aging which help maintaining long lasting results. The skin boosters are tools we use to improve your skin’s texture, elasticity, hydration and surface tone.

Skin boosters are suitable for men and women of all skin types, also for people with younger or more mature skin texture. In this manner we offer a subtle, gradual change in skin quality and elasticity since they are particularly designed to restore hydration in the skin via a hyaluronic acid complex equal to a vitamin skin cocktail, resulting in long lasting improvements in the skin-tone, elasticity, hydration and overall condition. The skin therapy consists of a series of tiny injections, made comfortably in addition to a cream that contains anesthetic. What you achieve is a natural but noticeably revitalized and radiant glow to your skin.


smas special facelift mini lift facelift mini lift smas lift


With Essential Aesthetics you benefit tremendously from a unique technique practiced by our international anti-aging doctors. Due to our attested high quality products, we guarantee a long lasting outcome. Our research team is continuously analyzing the highest quality products. Together with our doctors and anti-aging professionals we only choose top-of-the-line products from selected brands, to be able to offer you the high-end quality and treatments you require and deserve. Therefore, we pride ourselves in lifelong learning when it comes to the latest innovations in science and technology, in order to remain leaders in our sphere of practice. 

Moreover, we trust that our talented specialists in the field of anti-aging and aesthetic surgery can offer the feeling of safety and that every patient’s needs and desires are completely understood. You can book a free appointment for an intake consultation with one of our physicians or surgeons to find out what they can do for you. Our practice is easily accessible since it is located in the center of The Hague. 



S-lift starting from 2.999,- 


Additional prices:

post operative bandage € 80,-

general anesthesia   1500,-

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Call our emergency line 085-2734793 if you experience:

  • Fever that climbs over 38.5 degrees celsius
  • Excessive swelling or bleeding.