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Why suffer in the name of beauty?

Are you interested in hyaluronic acid injections,but fear pain or a long recovery time?

There’s no need to suffer in the name of beauty. Thanks to TEOSYAL®PEN, gentle injections are possible. 


Gentle injections with the first, cordless, motorised hyaluronic acid injection system

natural result, the absence of side effects and pain are, for you, essential criteria regarding filler injections1.

TEOSYAL®PEN was created for you and the practitioners who want to bring filler injections at a new level of expertise. TEOSYAL®PEN is a unique electronic dispenser specifically designed for hyaluronic acid filler injections

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We pride ourselves to be the very first clinic  in the Hague to introduce the revolutionary Teosyal Pen for Dermal Filler treatments

Teosyal Pen from Teoxane, is the first worldwide motorized and cordless device specially created to inject hyaluronic acid in order to correct wrinkles and depressions.

Teosyal Pen device provides practitioners with strength and precision when injecting dermal fillers. It has been designed for practitioners to focus on the artistic aspect of their work.

Cutting Edge Technology

The Teosyal Pen facilitates hyaluronic acid injections using two programs at three different speeds and thus provides complete control over pressure, speed and product quantity.

This cutting-edge technology is especially valuable for the very delicate oral, perioral and periorbital areas where highly precise and homogeneous injections are crucial for a natural result.

Teosyal Pen Use

The Teosyal Pen is very useful to correct the finest lines, because you can apply the material in a very small amount without risk of over-correction. This way of injecting is much more accurate and cannot be achieved by hand.

The combination of this unique technology with its ergonomic and light weight design allows a greater ease of injection for the practitioner and a smooth experience for the patient.

The Teosyal Pen is ideal to use in difficult or tricky areas including the lips and tear troughs and the treatment creates a much better cosmetic result, with less pain and more patient satisfaction and minimizes any side-effects from dermal filler treatment.


The Teosyal Pen offers a range of benefits for both the practitioners performing the treatment and more importantly to the patients.  Reduces the fear of pain

  • Reduces trauma
  • Minimized social eviction
  • Produces a more natural result
  • Allows a more relaxing experience
  • Enhances satisfaction
  • Reassuring appearance
  • According to a study carried out by Teosyal, of 2,000 patients who had previously been injected manually, 95% reported that the
  • Teosyal pen was at least 60% less painful than the manual injections.



If you purchase a Teosyal Filler treatment, the Teosyalpen  treatment is FREE!