Liposculpting beautiful body contours.natural and lasting

Liposculpting: more beautiful body contours. Natural and permanent Your buttocks that despite training and a healthy lifestyle do not want to become firm and round... Your waist that is suddenly invisible after the transition... And your belly, which after a number of pregnancies is no longer as tight as you are used to. Your body has taken you to where you want to be.

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More beautiful breasts with no visible scars safe implants

More beautiful breasts with almost no visible scars and safe implants that last a lifetime Also on the front of breast corrections there are developments and safe choices. Bigger or smaller, nowadays it can be done in a natural way with a minimum of scars. If you choose for implants it is also completely safe. Did you know that

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Fat grafting own body fat voice cells stem cell

Fatgrafting, restore volume with your own body fat!

"Did you know that studies show that fat transplantation can also help improve the thickness and quality of radiation-damaged tissue and skin?" Fatgrafting, restoring volume with your own body fat! You usually see the effects of ageing first in your face. You lose some of your natural freshness. Your face changes slowly, gets lines

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Detoxing for radiant skin!

Brindusa Gritu will tell you more about her beauty secrets. This time: detoxing for radiant skin! As the owner of a clinic in cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing, it is to be expected that Brindusa attaches great importance to a radiant appearance. The question is how she, as a busy businesswoman, manages to make sure that she always looks radiant and

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Non-invasive anti-aging

A few months ago you received news from us about Ultherapy®: the treatment that replaces a classic facelift. Without surgery, safe and with spectacular results. Ultherapy® is being offered in more and more places in the Netherlands, but not everywhere is everyone enthusiastic about the results. This is because this treatment can only achieve the desired effect.

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You have to read this... trust us!

Essential Aesthetics has great news about one of the best ways to get rid of fat under your chin! Hint: this is what makes Khloe Kardashian's chin look so tight! Her beauty hack is called Belkyra and it doesn't require surgery. Meet Belkyra®, also known under the name Kybella: Wat

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Liposuction and lipofilling explained What is body sculpting? Body sculpting uses liposuction and lipofilling to improve body contours. Liposuction is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgical procedures worldwide. Liposuction removes fat cells between the skin and underlying muscles, so you can embellish your body contours and finally get rid of those unwanted fat deposits.

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Quality & Safety

Mentor prostheses The FDA is the highest body worldwide that controls the quality and safety of medical products. The so-called cohesive silicone Memory Gel used by Mentor, in addition to CE certification, also has FDA approval*. The American FDA approval has been granted to only 3 brands of silicone breast implants. Because not all breast prostheses used in the Netherlands FDA

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