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Mommy Makeover

Why Mommy Makeover?

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The name ‘mommy makeover’ says it all. You are a new mother, a new person, and a new bundle of joy in your life.

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful things a woman can experience. But you also have a new body that may have changed drastically.

Unfortunately, it often goes hand in hand with hormonal and body changes due to pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.
Pregnancy changes you from the inside out. Your belly gave space to a growing fetus, your breasts grew and/or shifted, and you most likely gained weight in other parts of your body. Motherhood also turns your schedule upside down, so you may not have time to run to the gym.

If you need help getting your pre-pregnancy shape back, a Mommy Makeover may be for you.


Mommy Makeover Treatment

With over a decade of expertise, Essential Aesthetics excels in providing outstanding mummy makeovers. Our dedicated team specializes in a comprehensive range of treatments, including breast correction and lift, liposuction and lipofilling, as well as abdominoplasty.

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Mommy Makeover

Our step by step process

A process to self expression

  • Our Care Team will welcome you by phone and ask the necessary questions to schedule a suitable appointment. We will also ask about your current health, surgical time frame, and previous surgeries to help us prepare for your arrival. Again, we would be delighted to welcome you to our clinic!

  • Your first visit to us is a so-called pre-consultation. It will occur with our specialist, who will guide you as best as possible through this unique journey. First, a specialist is there to listen to your needs and concerns. Then, our specialist will share her expertise and knowledge while trying to match your wishes with the available range of services and treatments. 

    Secondly, we will show you different options based on the information provided, and together will discuss each care package.

    The third step is choosing from our experienced physicians who would suit your treatment. Our specialist will show you the surgeon’s broad portfolio and give you a free copy of our Patient Information Guide to the surgery to reread at home. 

    The fourth and last step will be with the surgeon selected by our expert. We understand that one visit is not enough when deciding on your body and safety, which is why we encourage a second visit. 

    By now, we have also received and processed all data for a pre-operative screening. 

    During this consultation, the treatment’s technical aspects and possible risks are discussed, and you are prepared for the big day!

  • Arriving at this step of your journey, you have already met our medical team and received all the necessary information. All preparations have been made, and it is finally time for the treatment. We understand that this is a milestone for many. Therefore we do our utmost to make it as comfortable as possible. Our team will share your excitement with you right up to the surgery.

  • There are three to four check-ups depending on your healing:

    The first check-up is three or four days after the surgery to determine whether the plasters can be removed. The second check-up is after one week at the plastic surgeon’s when the stitches are removed. 

    The third and final check-up is after about six weeks. The surgeon checks whether the wounds have healed properly and whether the eyelid correction has been successful. If a fourth check-up is necessary, it will occur three months after the surgery at the plastic surgeon’s. Our care team will help you with your preparations during your consultation with the surgeon and guide you after the surgery so that you know what to expect and heal as quickly as possible. You will receive a document with patient information before the surgery containing national advice. In addition, the surgeon and the care team will give you advice that is specific to you.


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Our Specialists

The best specialists are ready for you.

Our exceptional international specialists and surgeons work together to provide state-of-the-art, reliable, industry-standard cosmetic procedures and surgeries.

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Renowned French plastic surgeon

Dr. Professor Levan

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Italian plastic surgeon

Dr. Luca Piombino

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doctor aniel
Injectable Specialist & Face Surgeon

Dr. Aniel Sewnaik

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gabriel jansen
Plastic surgeon specialist

Dr. Gabriel Jansen

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alexandra gomez
Medical Consultant & Nutrition Specialist

Alexandra Gomez

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What our customers are saying about us

Essential Aesthetics is proud to have already helped so many patients on their journey to a more beautiful body and is honored with a satisfaction score of no less than 96%.


Extremely satisfied



Breast Reduction

The treatment is always extremely professional, careful, and as much painless as possible; the doctors and team are extremely friendly, helpful, and conscientious. And all this in a beautiful and well-maintained building, as of recently on Statenlaan in Scheveningen! From the other clients I speak to – I always chat with everyone – I hear the same satisfied feedback! A big ten, I would say!


Very satisfied



Brest Augmentation

A very good clinic and professional. The feel and look of the clinic are very special, and the same way they treat the patients. They were there for me whenever I needed them, and I felt like they were just one step away from me. I appreciated this for such a big time.


Very satisfied



Body Tite

I felt safe at Essential Aesthetics, which is exactly what I was looking for. In short: I recommend this clinic 100%. If you are still in doubt, this is your sign to book a consultation. ♥️


Very satisfied




I had a filler procedure, and the procedure, aftercare, and overall experience are second to none. Brindusa and Alexandra were my first points of contact. They were extremely knowledgeable and kind.


How much does a mommy makeover cost?

The cost of a mommy makeover can vary depending on several factors, including the specific procedures involved. From breast correction and lift to liposuction and lipofilling and abdominoplasty, we tailor each mommy makeover to suit your unique needs.


Mommy Makeover

from € 8.500


Surcharge general anaesthetic

€ 1.500


Postoperative scar treatment per zone

€ 125


Frequently Asked Questions about Mommy Makeover

  • A Mommy Makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedures designed to address changes in the body that occur after childbirth. It typically includes a tummy tuck, breast lift or augmentation, and liposuction.

  • A good candidate for a mommy makeover is in good health, has realistic expectations for the procedure’s outcome, and has experienced significant changes in their body after pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Depending on how extensive the surgery is, staying in the hospital for 1 to 2 days may be necessary. 

    Sometimes a drain is placed to drain excess fluid. Our patients often comment that the pain is okay.

    The area is sensitive after the surgery, and you will probably experience pain that can be relieved with analgesic medication. 

    Avoid (in as far as possible) coughing and sneezing because the added pressure on the zones which were operated on will increase the pain.

    You must wear a supportive corset for four weeks, 24 hours daily for best results. 

    This will support the operated area, prevent excessive swelling and speed up your recovery. 

    After four weeks, you will only need the corset during the day and will no longer need it after eight weeks. 

    The treated area will be red and swollen immediately after the surgery and there is often bruising. 

    Most people can return to regular work after two weeks. Check with your surgeon. It will take six weeks to resume any heavy, demanding work.

    The final result is attained 3 to 6 months after the body fully recovers. If there are no drastic changes, such as pregnancy or strong fluctuations in weight, the result is usually permanent. Discuss your expectations with the surgeon to see the results and avoid disappointments. The best results are achieved when you are at your target weight. Although a tummy tuck is not a means to lose weight, it may sometimes be necessary to lose weight before the surgery.

  • Yes, there will be some scarring after a mommy makeover, but your surgeon will make incisions in areas easily concealed with clothing. Scars will also fade over time and can be further minimized with proper scar care.

  • The results of a mommy makeover are long-lasting as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. However, it’s important to remember that the aging process and future pregnancies can affect the results over time.

  • Our care team will not only help you in advance with your preparations and during your intake interview with the surgeon, but will also guide you after the surgery, so that you know what to expect and heal as well and as quickly as possible.

    The best result is obtained by taking into account the following general advice applicable to the interventions:

    Before the surgery

    • Stop smoking four weeks before the surgery
    • Start taking Arnica drops two weeks in advance to reduce bruising and swelling.
    • If you are taking medication such as Marcoumar, Sintrom/Sintrommitis or Asprocardio, consult your surgeon, the same applies to Aspirin or painkillers with aspirin such as Advil, Diclofenac and others.
    • Do not use blood thinning medication before surgery.
    • Don’t forget to arrange transportation home. Driving yourself after the surgery is not recommended.

    The day of the surgery

    • Take a shower, after some surgeries you may not shower for 24 hours
    • Do not use make-up or facial cream
    • Do not wear jewellery or watches

    After surgery

    • The doctor will tell you if you need to cool because of swelling. Follow this advice carefully.
    • Rest preferably lying on your back so the swelling goes down faster.
    • Keep the blood circulation active by taking walking about every hour. This promotes the healing of the wound.
    • Shower may only be done in consultation with the surgeon.
    • Working is allowed on average after a few days to a week. Ask the surgeon for advice.
    • Exercising is allowed six weeks after surgery.
    • Avoid direct sunshine on your wounds for the first months. So no sun or sunbed. Don’t forget to cover them properly when you’re planning on enjoying the sun with the rest of your body.
  • There are risks and complications associated with every surgery. A tummy tuck is a major surgery, meaning there is a greater risk of complications than in smaller surgeries. Think carefully in advance about the pros and cons and read up on the risks and possible complications:

    • Allergic reaction to the agents used
    • Infection (1-2%)
    • Poor wound healing
    • Numbness in the area operated on
    • Longer pain than expected
    • Excessive scarring

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